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What is a parsing error on android and how can i fix it?

android error
 on Activity name must be specified error
android error image


I have a yarvik go tab velocity 220 ,i was on 4 shared and i every thing i tryed to download just said some thing about a parsing error .how do i fix it?

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How to hack into an Android device to install java?


I want to play games like RuneScape on my Android device buy it says I need to install java. Is there a way to hack into this?

The Android OS is Java-based, so I'm not sure why you'd see that error. Note that the Android flavor of Java is slightly different, so you can't just drop any java jar onto your device and try to execute it.

How to download roms onto an android phone?


I have recently been attempting to download roms onto my samsung galaxy s, i used many emulators and rom sites but my one problem was when the rom begins to download it corrupts and the error is supposedly "this is not avalible on the phone" or some such. Just wondering could anyone solve this and could you give me the best game boy advance/colour emulator & websites? Many thanks.

I use GameBoid to open my ROM's. I have a really old phone, so this one should probably work on yours too. I always download my ROM's from here This works for me...

Good Luck

I receive a error message when downloading an app on my droid x, how do i correct it?


When downloading the game, Pocket Legends on my Droid X, at the end of the installation of the download from the market, an error message pops up "Cannot install on USB storage or SD card." I've already erased (format) the sd card, and tried to unmount/remount the card. Also have cleared the cache and data from Market. Anyone know what i'd have to do to correct this?

You should just do a full reset of the phone, its pretty easy. Turn off your phone. Hold down the power and home button at the same time. When the Moto logo comes up, let go of the power button, but keep holding the home button. An image should appear on your screen, touch the green android robot. It should bring you to a menu. In the menu, look for wipe data/cache. Using the volume buttons go to wipe/cache data, and select it using the camera button, next another menu will pop up with a bunch of Nos and 1 yes. Click the yes and let your phone load and reboot. You'll be back to Froyo but will be able to go back to Gingerbread when you are loaded.

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